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Just launched: Sendible Events

We are happy to announce that Sendible events has just launched.

With Sendible events you can do the following:

  • Create an event, with start time, end time, location etc.
  • Specify an RSVP date. Sendible will send a reminder to those guests who have not replied by this date.
  • Invite contacts from anywhere! (Your guests don’t have to be registered with Sendible to RSVP)
  • E.g. Let’s say you only have Tom’s mobile number but you have John’s email address and you only have Sandy’s Facebook details – Sendible lets you invite people using whatever contact information you have.

Let Sendible take care of the rest:

  • We will send your guests an invite, consisting of a message and a link.
  • This link can be accessed from anywhere, including mobile phones and Social Networking sites.
  • Sendible will send each of your guests a reminder 24hrs prior to the event.

At any time, you can see who is coming and who isn’t and you can always invite more guests at a later stage.

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Make your SMS messages more personal

A lot of people have been asking to be able to send ad-free, 160 character SMS messages.

We’ve now made this available. You can purchase 100 SMS credits for $10!

Don’t worry, the free SMS service is still available as long as you don’t mind ads appearing in your messages!



Sendible Update

We are overwhelmed with the positive response we have had to Sendible. We now have almost 700 registered users, in 2 weeks! Almost 9000 messages have been created so far.

We are working hard at getting the events scheduling ready for release (hopefully next week!). We are also looking at adding a new feature allowing for blog update scheduling. We’ll keep you informed!


Video Review of Sendible

Check out this awesome video review of Sendible, from


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Great article on RWW describing Sendible

Sarah Perez from RWW has written a great article describing Sendible.

Check it out here.

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