Use birthday marketing to bring customers to your restaurant

We are currently in the midst of one of the worst recessions the world has ever seen. In the current climate, restaurants need to do whatever it takes to bring customers in.  Advertising for new customers can be expensive and relying on customers to come back can be quite risky.  A popular tried and tested marketing strategy to bring people back to your restaurant is to send personalised birthday messages to customers.

 Birthday marketing is a simple way to make sure people return to your restaurant. Also, with every birthday celebration at your restaurant comes a whole host of new potential customers. Sending out birthday messages on a customer’s birthday is really simple with a web site like Sendible.

Step 1: Collect information from the customer

You just need two bits of information to start scheduling birthday reminders to your customers.

  1. Their email addresses or cellphone numbers (or if you use Facebook, just their fullnames so that you can add them as a friend).
  2. Their date of birth.

Gathering their email addresses and cellphone numbers is easy. Simply provide a small card with the bill to dining customers and ask them to fill in their details – or on your website, you can simply add a field to your signup form asking for birthday information.

Add a new restaurant customer

Add a new restaurant customer


Step 2: Schedule Annual Birthday Emails/SMS Text/Facebook Messages

After collecting this information, add the contact details to Sendible and schedule a message to be delivered on the date and time specified. This message can contain a voucher that the customer can print out or just an sms message with a voucher code that they can show to you when they come in to dine. 


Schedule a birthday email

Schedule a birthday email

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