Sendible Newsletter for July 2010

simplifying online marketing for small businesses
A few of the features we’ve recently added to Sendible…
Localized social media and conversation monitoring with email notifications
We’ve taken a look at some of the other services in this space and what most of them are lacking is the ability to deliver meaningful localized results.

For that reason, we’ve implemented our own social media monitoring functionality that delivers localized, more relevant results than our competitors and we think you’ll love the level of customization you get with Sendible’s new social media brand monitoring technology!

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Localized social media monitoring and email notifications,

Respond to comments and posts from Sendible’s unified social media inbox
Read and respond to important social media messages from Sendible's unified inbox. Sendible’s unified social media inbox allows you to read and respond to social media messages – all from one place.

For almost every social media account you set up in Add/Edit Services, Sendible regularly checks your profile for new posts and updates your inbox.

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Track your social media and email campaigns with baked-in Google Analytics
With the latest release of Sendible, you can keep tabs on your Google Analytics from within your Sendible account and keep track of how your email and social media campaigns are affecting overall traffic to your website.

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Monitor your social media and email campaigns with Google Analytics

Change “via Sendible” to “via My Company” for Facebook and Twitter posts
We now have the ability to create both a custom Facebook and Twitter application (with oAuth) for you or your brand so that every post you send out has a vanity link attached below. If you’re interested, please complete the form here.

Become a reseller & offer your own branded version of Sendible to your clients
One of our most popular new features on Sendible, is the ability to resell and offer your own version of Sendible to your clients. With our white label version, you have the option to manage social media on behalf of your clients, or allow them to log in themselves and manage their own social media accounts. Read more or complete the form here.

New services added: Posterous and (coming soon)
At Sendible, we’re constantly adding the latest and greatest social media services. This month we integrated with Posterous and (to be activated soon). We’re also planning to add video integration in the coming months so you’ll be able to post sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Have your say…
We love hearing from you, so if you have any suggestions for new ideas or features you’d like to see on Sendible, leave your feedback here. For the latest social media tips and Sendible news, follow us on Twitter.
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