How to send an email newsletter using Sendible

Sendible is a great tool for sending out social media an email marketing campaigns. Sending an email newsletter from Sendible is as easy as sending an email from Outlook or any other email client.  Unlike other email marketing tools, Sendible allows you to send out an email campaign in a single click and will automatically track your campaign and manage unsubscribes for you.


Below are the steps for creating an email campaign:


1. Import your contacts into a group

  • If you haven’t already done so, import your contacts by clicking on the Import section within My Contacts.
  • From here, you can import your contacts from just about any email service or via a csv file. During the import process, you’ll be able to select or create a group that the contacts should be added to.
  • This acts like a mailing list and Sendible will automatically remove any email addresses from this group if anyone unsubscribes.  
  • When creating a group, be sure to toggle the star icon so that it is added to your favorites and appears in the services section of your Message Box. 


2. Choose or create an email template

  • Once your contacts have been imported, you can return to the Message Box and select one of Sendible’s standard email templates.
  • To select a template, click the templates link and select a template from one of the options.
  • After selecting a template and editing the content, you can click the save icon at the top right of the message area to save your email template for future use.


3. Upload and embed images into your email

  • You can upload and embed images into your email by clicking the Photo or File link.
  • After uploading your photo, you’ll be able to embed it into your email by clicking the embed icon at the top right of the image.


4. Insert merge tags

  • Merge tags are placeholders that can be inserted into your email and replaced with actual values at the time of sending. For example, you could insert merge tags to be replaced with a recipient’s first name when the email is sent.
  • To insert a merge tag, click the Merge Tags link and insert the ones you require into your email.


5. Select your mailing list

  • When you’re ready, select your mailing list from within your sending services. If you didn’t save your group as a favorite, you can access it by selecting the Groups service and typing the name of the group into the text area.


6. Send your email newsletter

  • You’re now ready to send your email newsletter.
  • If you’d like it to be sent at a later stage, you can use Sendible’s scheduling option.
  • To send your email, click the Send button.

7. Email tracking and reports

  • Sendible will monitor who viewed, unsubscribed, opened and clicked links in your email.
  • To view your email statistics, go into the My Reports tab and open up the message reports for your email.

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