How to add a Google Alerts feed into Sendible Monitoring

A new enhancement we’ve recently added to Sendible’s social media monitoring features is the ability to incorporate your Google alerts feed into the results.

To add a Google Alerts feed into Sendible Monitoring, follow the steps below:

  1. In Sendible, go to “Add/Edit Services”
  2. If no monitoring has been set up before, choose “Monitoring”, then “Brand Monitoring”, then “Add”
  3. If monitoring has been set up before, toggle to “My Services” on left, and select “Monitoring” tab
  4. Find the keyword monitoring you want to add Google Alerts to, and choose “Edit” on the far-right.
  5. Now, in a separate browser window, login to your Google Alerts
  6. Make sure that where it says “deliver to”, you change that to say “Google Reader”
  7. Now, while pointing at/hovering over the orange RSS icon to the right of the words “Google Reader”, right-click, and select “copy link location” (note: don’t choose “copy image location” by mistake)
  8. Click back to the Sendible browser window, and “paste” that link into the Google Alerts feed field.  The link should look like this:  http://www.alerts/feeds/##########, where # represents a bunch of numbers.
  9. Now, click to the beginning of this feed address, and delete the http://, since Sendible already has this selected for you in the previous box.
  10. Scroll to the bottom, and click “Save”
These instructions were kindly submitted by Phyllis Neill, CEO/Managing Partner at Buzz12.

If you would like to submit a tip for us to publish to the Sendible blog or user guide, please contact us.  

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