Sendible Featured in the WordStream Internet Marketing 150

Sendible has been named one of the top Internet marketing companies in the WordStream Internet Marketing 150, an infographic featuring the top software and SaaS providers in the Internet marketing space.

The Internet marketing industry is a vast sea of companies, but Sendible stood out from the rest by offering superior tools that help business achieve their online marketing goals.

WordStream created the Internet Marketing 150 infographic to help users navigate the often treacherous Internet marketing landscape and discover the top web marketing software providers that can help them build their brands and grow their business.

Companies featured in the infographic are recognized for:

  • Being market leaders in their field
  • Having a strong reputation in their category
  • Offering unique value to the individuals and businesses they serve

“The companies featured in the WordStream Internet Marketing 150 are known for providing proven, innovative solutions to the various marketing challenges that businesses today face,” said WordStream founder and chief technology officer Larry Kim. “You can’t run a business in 2012 without engaging in web marketing, and this list serves as a map to help you navigate those waters and develop a strategy to conquer the web.”

Check out the WordStream Internet Marketing 150 to see Sendible featured and find out who else made the cut!


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