Facebook Timeline Gets Down to Business

You knew it was coming. Facebook Timeline for Business is here, bringing with it some new and powerful social media marketing tools. Let’s take a look at how to put this relatively new arrival to work.

Cover Yourself
Facebook Timeline lets you use a photo much like the one on a magazine, on the banner-like image at the top of the page. You’ll make a good first impression with an image of your key product or brand and what you’re looking for in a customer relationship. Stay away from specifics such as pricing, like or share requests, and contact information. Your cover is there strictly to attract attention.

All About “About”
The About section tells your story and holds your profile image, along with statistics on your total fans and how many mentions you’ve earned. Describe your business here, but be brief because you’ve only got 150 characters to do the job. A link to a map and other basic facts is also part of the About section.  

Changes in Apps Your apps have moved. They’re now under your cover image and to the right of the About section. But more than looks are new. You can now upload an image to represent the page visually. There are a total of four apps on the home page, a standard one for Photos, and three more to make your own. You can also add apps with the More button. Be sure these pages contain appealing names and photos.  

Changes in the Admin Panel There’s a new Admin Panel, too. It’s on top of your Timeline and gives you a fast review of page activity.  The Admin Panel also includes an Insights section for additional customer detail.

Notes on Posts Posting hasn’t changed on the new Timeline. Interesting and relevant posts are still the best way to appeal to readers. But Timeline does offer some new ways to add life to your posts.  

  • Timeline posts are in two columns that swap between left-and-right. But for added emphasis you can also highlight a post by spreading it over both columns.  
  • You can now pin a post to the top of your Timeline for up to seven days. It’s a great technique for short-term promotions.   
  • You can also use Timeline to share key moments in your company such as new product introductions. A little history lesson never hurts when you’re building a brand or an image.  

That’s the basics of Timeline for business. Put it to work for you.

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