Using Email and SMS to Complement Social Media

Social media websites can be used to build up even the smallest business’s brand through establishing an online presence that can reach a broader audience than otherwise possible using traditional means. You can use your social media presence to reach and inform not only your customers but also the people close to your customers. Furthermore, your social media presence gives your customers a chance to participate in a community revolving around your business and gives you the chance to directly influence their opinions. However, your social media presence should not be the only marketing method that you use to spread word of your business because its effects are that much greater when combined with other methods such as emails and SMS messaging.

Using Email and SMS

It is vital to remember that sending emails and SMS messages to people is a bad idea unless you have their explicit permission to do so. Not only is spamming people aimlessly highly irritating to them and almost certainly damaging to your business’s brand, but it is also illegal in many places and likely to cost you once you are caught. Instead, the best way for you to use email and SMS messaging is to get permission through your social media presence. Telling people to sign up for news about your products and special discounts is an excellent way to get permission so long as you do not abuse that privilege.

Once you have permission to send your customers and potential customers emails and SMS messages, you can start using those methods to market to them. Good emails and SMS messages are short but big on meaning because most people are unwilling to read anything that is too long or too boring. Instead, emails and SMS messages are best used to bring them to your business for further information and marketing. This is particularly effective if you adds calls to action such as time-sensitive discounts to your emails and SMS messages.

Using Email and SMS to Complement Social Media

Under ideal circumstances, you’ll want to use your social media presence to tell people about your business and have their first impression be positive enough that they agree to let you send them emails and SMS messages. This way, even though not all customers and potential customers who come upon your social media presence will stay and become part of your dedicated customer base, you’ll always have more chances to bring them in. Each time that you have a sale, a promotion, or a new product that you think your potential customers will be interested in, you can send an email or SMS message to tell them about what is happening at your business. If your message is sufficiently interesting to them, that will bring them back to your social media presence where you have a second chance to sell your product to them and possibly win their loyalty as a dedicated customer.

Ultimately, your goal for your social media presence should be to integrate it seamlessly with the rest of your marketing efforts. If you can accomplish this with email and SMS messages, you’ll be able to use the brand value built up using your social media presence to repeatedly impress your customers and potential customers in a loop of positive reinforcement.

Alan Li is freelancer based in Toronto who has spent time working with local companies venturing out for the first time onto the Internet. He enjoys contributing to several resources including Degree Jungle a student information portal.

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