Changes in the UK Higher Education Market- Utilizing social media

Sendible will be hosting a Webinar on 27 September 2012 specifically designed for higher Education establishments to allow them to see how powerful the Sendible social media platform could be in targeting potential applicants.
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Many traditional universities, both redbrick and post-war new universities, make very similar claims, based on teaching and research, and offer very similar courses. Post-1992 universities tend to be oriented more towards the world of work, and have a more vocational leaning. The supply side of higher education is, therefore, crowded with groups of broadly similar offerings.

This may not have been an issue in the past but the increase in tuition fees, and ever growing international competition, is directing the spotlight onto higher education marketing as never before. A fundamental change in the attitudes and behaviours of students, parents, and schools, introducing new criteria by which universities will be judged, will result in a much more financial and commercial edge than has historically been the case.

Higher Education institutes are finally embracing the use of social media and social media management tools as way of directly contacting University applicants. This may be a way to enable the message of ‘we are different’ to directly reach potential applicants. The audience for Higher Education, and so Education Marketing, is students between the ages of 16 – 21 and it has been shown that 75% (Higher Education in a Web 2.0 World, 2009) of that target market regularly use Social Media as a way to communicate.

Many Higher Education institutes are using Social Media within its digital marketing plan in a number of ways; hosting videos on YouTube, running their own Twitter page, a profile on Facebook, campaigns through Bebo and profiles on LinkedIn.

Research has showed that these digital marketing plans are coming from the early adopting few and has little of the systematic and coordinated approach of the more traditional communications media.

The nature of the using these media are that they encourage social networking and should be presented within any digital marketing strategy as elements of a single plan. Too many higher education institutes allow different people to use different tools to reach the same audience, not presenting the cohesive marketing plan.  Sendible provides answers features such as our workflow approval ensuring a consistent message through all communications this feature can span throughout an organisation.

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