Social Media Reporting Feature Updates

Since the release of Sendible’s Analytics Dashboard last month, we have been overwhelmed with all the positive feedback and feature requests. We have taken your feedback on board and we’re excited to announce the launch of a few updates that make the Sendible Social Media Dashboard even more powerful.  If you’re not currently a Sendible user, you can try our social media reporting dashboard by signing up for a free 30 day trial.

Here are a few of  the recent feature updates:

Ability to share a live link to your “Report Builder” reports

Now, you can share a link with your clients so that they can access a live report from within their browser. The same link will show the most recent date based on the date range/period you select.

Link to a live social media report

Ability to add subtitles to your reports

You can now add subheadings to your reports using the new “Section Title” module found in the module selection dialog under “General Reports”.

Ability to add your own text areas to reports

You can now add your own, editable text area/modules into reports. This allows you to enter your own text or HTML within the report. You can add this module under “General Reports” > “Section Title”.

Subtitles and text area modules on Sendible

Addition of new Yelp reporting widgets

We have now added Yelp as a reporting channel.  Now you can keep track of your monthly review count, your business rating and report on actual customer reviews.

New Facebook and Twitter Reports

Monthly Posts – The total number of posts published to the page by month.

Monthly Tweets (Cumulative) – The total number of tweets posted by month.

Monthly Page Likes (Cumulative) – The total number of page likes (fans) by month.

Monthly Engaged Users –  The total number of engaged users by month.

Monthly Page Views – The total number of page views by month.

Monthly Page Impressions – The total number of page impressions by month.

Monthly Story Comments – The total number of comments across all stories by month.

Monthly Story Likes – The total number of likes across all stories by month.

Facebook Page Summary – A summary of posts, likes, fans and comments.

New Facebook and Twitter reports on Sendible

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  1. #1 by Mike on March 9, 2013 - 1:21 am

    Should I be concerned that a social media focused company hasn’t posted to their blog in 5 months?

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