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Social Media Reporting Feature Updates

Since the release of Sendible’s Analytics Dashboard last month, we have been overwhelmed with all the positive feedback and feature requests. We have taken your feedback on board and we’re excited to announce the launch of a few updates that make the Sendible Social Media Dashboard even more powerful.  If you’re not currently a Sendible user, you can try our social media reporting dashboard by signing up for a free 30 day trial.

Here are a few of  the recent feature updates:

Ability to share a live link to your “Report Builder” reports

Now, you can share a link with your clients so that they can access a live report from within their browser. The same link will show the most recent date based on the date range/period you select.

Link to a live social media report

Ability to add subtitles to your reports

You can now add subheadings to your reports using the new “Section Title” module found in the module selection dialog under “General Reports”.

Ability to add your own text areas to reports

You can now add your own, editable text area/modules into reports. This allows you to enter your own text or HTML within the report. You can add this module under “General Reports” > “Section Title”.

Subtitles and text area modules on Sendible

Addition of new Yelp reporting widgets

We have now added Yelp as a reporting channel.  Now you can keep track of your monthly review count, your business rating and report on actual customer reviews.

New Facebook and Twitter Reports

Monthly Posts – The total number of posts published to the page by month.

Monthly Tweets (Cumulative) – The total number of tweets posted by month.

Monthly Page Likes (Cumulative) – The total number of page likes (fans) by month.

Monthly Engaged Users –  The total number of engaged users by month.

Monthly Page Views – The total number of page views by month.

Monthly Page Impressions – The total number of page impressions by month.

Monthly Story Comments – The total number of comments across all stories by month.

Monthly Story Likes – The total number of likes across all stories by month.

Facebook Page Summary – A summary of posts, likes, fans and comments.

New Facebook and Twitter reports on Sendible

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Walkthrough of Sendible’s Social Media Analytics – Video

In case you missed Sendible’s Social Media Analytics webinar, we’ve included a short video walkthrough below.

Also, be sure to check out out our product demo page and register for our other webinars.

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Announcing Sendible’s New Analytics Dashboard

We have been working hard the last few months at Sendible, developing the most advanced social media analytics dashboard on the market today. We are excited to announce that this has just been released to all our users! Our white label customers will receive this update in the next 2 days.

See a walkthrough of our new reporting features at our next webinar. Register here.

Here’s a summary of what’s new:

  • Ability to create branded, custom reports with your own logo
  • Rich integration with Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, and others
  • Abilty to receive regular reports via email
  • Ability to share reports with team members
  • Drag-and-drop report designer with WYSIWYG editor for printer-friendly reports

There are a lot of exciting new features and in this post, we’ll just touch on the basic steps needed to create your first custom report:
1. Go to the My Reports tab.
2. Select Report Builder.
3. If it’s the first time, you’ll be presented with the option to pick a layout.

Report Layout | Sendible Analytics

4.Select a suitable layout for your report by clicking on a thumbnail.
5. You’ll then be prompted to give your report a name, title and to select your default report period.
6. Click “Next >” and you’ll be prompted to add modules to your report.

Report Modules | Sendible Analytics

7. We have over 100 different report modules that you can add.
8. All modules can be dragged and dropped within your report layout.

Reporting Dashboard | Sendible Analytics

9. To receive reports via email, use the Email button to schedule regular reporting emails, monthly, fortnightly or weekly.
10. To add more modules to your report, simply use the Add Modules button at the top of your reporting dashboard.

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Changes to the Sendible bulk message importer

A lot of our users have been requesting the ability to attach links and images to messages they import using Sendible’s bulk CSV message importer.
We have now made this possible with the addition of two new fields: URL and Image.

The full list of fields we now support through our Message Importer are:  
– Message (required): The body of the message to be imported.
– SendDate (required): The date the message should be sent. Formatted as yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm. 
– Subject (optional): The subject/title of the message.
– URL (optional): The URL to be attached to the message. Always include http://.
– Image (optional): The URL to an image to be attached. Always include http://.

An example file:
“First message here”,”No Subject”,””,””,”2015-10-29 15:45″ 
“Nextmessage here”,”No Subject”,””,””,”2015-10-29 15:45″ 

You can download a sample file here.

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How to have multiple users contribute to content using Sendible

One of Sendible’s most powerful features is the ability to have content created by certain users go through an internal approval process. When configuring your users, you have the ability to define exactly which users require approval from other users.
Sometimes, you may want to have your content updated by multiple users on your team before it gets published. This is can be configured with Sendible’s mult-user approval process.

Assume we have 3 users, User 1, User 2 and User 3 and that User 3 needs approval from User2 who needs approval from User1.
To setup a multi-user approval process, you can follow the steps below:

1. As the account administrator, click on My Users
2. If you haven’t already done so, create your 3 users, User 1, 2 and 3.
3. Click on User 3 and edit the approval workflow so that User 3 requires approval from User 2.
4. Click on User 2 and edit the approval workflow so that User 2 requires approval from User 1.

Now, when User 1 creates some content, it will be submitted to User 2 for approval.
User 2 will then be able to make edits and submit the content to User 1 for approval.

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Sendible Usability Improvements

Over the past few months we have focused on improving our website performance and enhancing our user experience. We’ve recently moved to a new web hosting environment and have also added a new services page which can be used to import your Social Network and Email accounts.

This page allows you to add new services or update and resync your existing services. See below:

Sendible Email and Social Network Services

We’ve also made it possible for you to select the contacts you’d like to import:

Sendible Contact Import Process

Sendible is a messaging service that integrates with a variety of platforms and services  including SMS, Email, Twitter and Facebook. Sendible is also great for backing up all your online contacts and accessing them from one central messaging platform.

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New Social Networking services available on Sendible

We recently launched a great new feature on Sendible that makes updating your status across multiple social networks simultaneously and at a time you choose a snap!

In so doing, we’ve also extended the number of email, blogging and social network services that Sendible now works with:

Sendible is a simple service that makes it possible to access all your contacts from one place and send them messages (now, or scheduled for later) using Email, SMS or your Social Networks.

For more information, and reviews of, check out the following sites:

We’ll be adding more social network services all the time, so be sure to let us know which ones you’d like to see added next!

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Access all your Email and Social Network Contacts from Sendible

With Sendible, you can import all your contacts from various destinations, such as your Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail accounts as well as your Social Networks – such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Sendible will merge all the details relating to one contact into one entry, allowing you to message your contacts using any platform (Email, SMS or Social Networks) from one place.

Take a look…

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Update your status on multiple social networks at once

We have been quiet on the blogs lately as we’ve been extremely busy making Sendible better!

One of the new features we’ve been working on is the ability to update multiple social networks simultaneously. Now, you can update your status on (multiple) Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts at the same time. Update your status using recurring schedules ahead of time!

Check it out, by visiting and clicking on Status Updates.

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Schedule Facebook Wall Posts using Sendible

Now you can post messages on your Facebook friends’ walls at any time you choose, using Sendible

It’s simple. Just choose the date and time you want the message to be posted, and hit the create button. Sendible will take care of the rest. You can even write on multiple contacts’ walls at the same time – with one message!

Great for being the first to wish that special someone on their birthday!