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Scheduled Facebook Status Updates

We have added a new feature that allows you to update your Facebook status message from within Sendible. You can also set a time that your status gets updated!

So, if you want, you can queue up a whole bunch of events that you know will happen sometime in the future.

Check it out here:

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Welcome to Sendible

Sendible lets you connect with people wherever they are, by scheduling and receiving messages at a time you choose.

Sendible is a free messaging tool that lets you send and schedule messages to virtually anywhere.  Currently, we support Email, SMS, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter and we will be adding more message types all the time. The cool thing about Sendible is that we allow you to send free international SMS messages!

Sendible lets you:

  • Schedule messages and have them delivered at a time you choose.
  • Keep your contacts all in one place and allows you to easily integrate with your Gmail, Yahoo and MSN email accounts as well as most big social networking platforms.
  • Stop forgetting things, by creating reminders.
  • Subscribe to information and receive messages wherever you spend most of your time. e.g. mobile, email, social networks etc.

For more information, take the tour at

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