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Sendible vs Hootsuite

One of the most common questions we get here at Sendible is “How does Sendible compare to HootSuite?” HootSuite is a great tool, but it does have limited capabilities for someone who really wants to dive deep into social media as well as online marketing or manage several clients. HootSuite is used primarily as a Twitter tool (although it does more than just Twitter), whereas Sendible is an all-around online marketing tool.

Sendible offers services that HootSuite does not including the ability to offer white label social media management and resell Sendible to your clients under your own brand. We also offer rebranding of your Facebook and Twitter posts so that they won’t say “via Sendible”. I have put together a list of the features and services that Sendible supports as well as those that HootSuite supports below.

Sendible HootSuite
Social Streams
Facebook Fan Page Stream x x
Facebook Group Stream x
Facebook Stream x x
LinkedIn Stream x x
Twitter List x
Twitter Search x x
Twitter Stream x x
Status Updates and Microblogging
Bebo x
Brightkite Status x
Facebook Fan Page x x
Facebook Group x
Facebook Note x
Facebook Page Note x
Facebook Post x
Facebook Status x x
FriendFeed x
Google Buzz x
LinkedIn Status x x
Myspace Status x x x
Plurk x
Twitter x x
Email Auto Responder x
Facebook Auto Responder x
LinkedIn Auto Responder x
Twitter Auto Follower x
Twitter Auto Replies x
Twitter Welcome Messages x
Blogspot x
MetaWeblog x
MovableType x
Ning x
Posterous x
Sendiblog x
SquareSpace x
Tumblr x
TypePad x
WordPress (self-hosted) x x x
Photo and File Sharing
Facebook Page Album x
Facebook Photo Album x
Flickr x
MobyPicture x
Scribd x
SlideShare x
Link Sharing and Bookmarking
Delicious x
Diigo x x
Instapaper x
Read It Later x
Location-based Services
Foursquare x x
Brand Monitoring
Brand and Keyword Monitoring x
Reviews x
Social Media Messaging
Facebook Wall Post x x
LinkedIn x x
CSV Importers
Contact Importer x
Message Importer x
SMS Messaging
Sms Auto Responder x
OPML Importer x
RSS Auto Poster x
Gmail x
Hotmail x x
Yahoo Mail x
Social Media Monitoring
Backtype x
Bizcommunity x x
Brightkite x
Citysearch x
Complaints Board x
Delicious x
Digg x
Facebook x x
Flickr x
FriendFeed x
Google Blogs x
Google News x
Hello Peter x x
lol x
LinkedIn x x
News24 x
Photobucket x
Picasa x
Plurk x
Pressbox x
Quora x
Reddit x
Tripadvisor x
Truveo x
Tweet Photo x
Twitter x x
WordPress x
Wordpronline x
Yahoo Answers x
Yahoo News x
Yelp x
YouTube x
Pricing Starts at $9.99 Starts at $5.99

In summation, HootSuite is a very useful social media tool, but if you are looking to do more than just basic social media and want to delve into online marketing, Sendible will be your best bet. For an unbiased second opinion, check out Max Goldberg’s blog post entitled “Hootsuite vs. Sendible, or Why Paying To Use Facebook Is Amazing” as well as this comparison post from Inkstained Knuckle.

If you’d like to submit your own review comparing Sendible with other products, please send an email to and we’ll be sure to link to your site from this post.


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6 Features Franchise Businesses Should Look For When Evaluating Social Media Management Tools

So you took the plunge and opened your own business through a franchise. That’s a smart way to go these days with so many businesses failing, considering that the franchise model usually has a pretty good foundation behind it. Some franchises will even offer advertising support to help you get going. They don’t, however, usually take care of the most important aspect of getting your name out and bringing in customers: your social media presence.

Social media and blogs drive far more traffic than print or traditional media advertising today, so it’s vital that you make a solid effort to use these platforms to your advantage, and do it well. In order to do this effectively as a business you need good social media management software with plenty of features. What kind of features are important in your franchise business, you ask? There are 6 that you definitely need to make sure that you have.

Running a business requires lots of time, and you don’t have the budget in a franchise to hire a dedicated social media director, so you need your social media dashboard to be able to automatically respond to inquiries and mentions. If you wait until you have the time to sit down and respond to every little thing, your potential customers will have moved on to more responsive pastures.

Wide range of platforms
Facebook pages are great. So is Twitter. If this is all you are getting though, then you are missing out on a huge chunk of the social space out there. Blogs, Foursquare, email, sms, friendfeed, the list goes on and on. A good piece of brand monitoring software will cover all of your bases, not just two or three.

Tracking and Analyzing
You’ve got to know what the data means, not just how many people visited your page last month. The tracking part is important, but it should track things like click-throughs, not just eyeballs. If it’s not helping the bottom line, it’s not doing you any good.

Location Based services
 If you are a brick and mortar franchise, location based services are a must. Allowing people to check in with Foursquare and being able to track that traffic is a huge plus when you have a physical location that people can visit.

Tracking specific content
Which of your tweets, posts, and blogs are making an impact? After all, you don’t want to keep sending out things that aren’t being received well. Make sure that your software can track individual posts so you know what to repeat and build on, and what to leave alone. 

You want to know what people think, not just that they are visiting your site or talking about you.  Sentiment analysis software will tell if your mentions are positive or negative and lets you know what to respond to and what to leave alone.

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