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Introducing Sendible Insights

Introducing Sendible Insights

We’re thrilled to formally announce Sendible Insights, where you can find about the latest goings on at Sendible alongside social media and tech news.

We feel that Sendible insights will bring a whole new dimension to our conversation with you and enable you to find the resources and the news you desire in a more appealing layout.

News and Events.
Here you will find news articles of the main social networks and our insights section this is where we offer our opinion on key news topics with regards social media.

Best Practices
In this section you will find some useful guides on how to carry out social media communications effectively and some common pitfalls to avoid.

White Papers
We are hope to incorporate some White Papers for you that may be useful in helping you drive meaningful business outcomes through social media marketing

This is your dedicated section for resources so you can get help on how to use Sendible more effectively together with some case studies of our clients.

Any Product releases or feature updates will be released via this section for syndication

We hope you enjoy Sendible Insights- Remember we hope to create a conversation between us and our community of users so if they are any articles or topics you wish to be covered or to submit an article, please email


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Walkthrough of Sendible’s Social Media Analytics – Video

In case you missed Sendible’s Social Media Analytics webinar, we’ve included a short video walkthrough below.

Also, be sure to check out out our product demo page and register for our other webinars.

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Announcing Sendible’s Referral Program

We are really excited to announce the launch of Sendible’s affiliate program!  Now you can share Sendible with your friends and colleagues and earn commission from every new subscriber you introduce. You can even share your affiliate link on your social networks using Sendible itself! 

How does it work?
Once you join, we provide you with your own unique trackable link to that you can either put on your website or promote through social media services such as Twitter and Facebook.

When your users or followers click through to using the links we provide you, we’ll pay you commission on all sales generated. We track the number of clicks that you generate, the revenue that you’ve earned and we’ll send you your first payment as soon as you earn $100.

How much can I make?
The amount of money you will make depends on the deal you choose to promote and how many visitors you get to your web site and on how engaged your followers are on Twitter and Facebook. The links we give you can be used on just about any web platform, so it’s up to you to be creative in the ways you promote Sendible. If you have a lot of followers interested in promoting their businesses via Social Media and Email Marketing then Sendible may be the perfect match for you!

Why should I join?
We offer an affiliate program with solid commissions, real time reports, third-party tracking and a product that is in high demand with businesses today looking to market their businesses on the web.

Getting Started
It’s easy and free to get started! Just register using the link below:

Register for Sendible’s referral program

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Using url shortener in Sendible

You can now use to create short urls in Sendible’s social media management platform. So let’s walk through configuring your profile to use, and then you’ll see how it looks when creating a message.

Part A: Configuration

1. Login to Sendible and choose My Profile

2. If not already selected choose My Details and then scroll down to Url Shortening

3. From the Url Shortener dropdown list, select

4. If you have an Tool Key and API Key, enter those in the boxes provided. If not, then simply leave these blank

5. Hit Save

Part B: Sending a message (optional)

6. Now, when creating links in a message via the URL button, they will be shortened using

That’s all there is to using with Sendible.

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Sendible Featured in the WordStream Internet Marketing 150

Sendible has been named one of the top Internet marketing companies in the WordStream Internet Marketing 150, an infographic featuring the top software and SaaS providers in the Internet marketing space.

The Internet marketing industry is a vast sea of companies, but Sendible stood out from the rest by offering superior tools that help business achieve their online marketing goals.

WordStream created the Internet Marketing 150 infographic to help users navigate the often treacherous Internet marketing landscape and discover the top web marketing software providers that can help them build their brands and grow their business.

Companies featured in the infographic are recognized for:

  • Being market leaders in their field
  • Having a strong reputation in their category
  • Offering unique value to the individuals and businesses they serve

“The companies featured in the WordStream Internet Marketing 150 are known for providing proven, innovative solutions to the various marketing challenges that businesses today face,” said WordStream founder and chief technology officer Larry Kim. “You can’t run a business in 2012 without engaging in web marketing, and this list serves as a map to help you navigate those waters and develop a strategy to conquer the web.”

Check out the WordStream Internet Marketing 150 to see Sendible featured and find out who else made the cut!


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How to schedule changes to your Facebook cover photo using Sendible

A recently added feature on Sendible’s social media management dashboard is the ability to update the cover photo of your Facebook page from within the management console.

In this post, we’ll take you step by step through the process of setting up and then updating the page’s cover photo. To begin with our Facebook page doesn’t have a cover photo, although if it did we would just be updating it.

Step 1: Add your Facebook Cover Photo service
a) Open the Add/Edit Services tab, and from within the Add Service pane, open the Photos tab.

b) Next, choose Facebook Cover Photo by clicking Add. If you’re not already logged into Facebook, you’ll be given the opportunity to.

c) Now, choose the Facebook Page you want to use from the list of those you administer and click Save Settings.

d) Click OK when the pop up shows.

e) You should now see the new service in My Services.

Step 2: Update your Cover Photo

a) With the service now configured, simply go to Message Box to compose a new message. Choose the Facebook Cover Photo from the list of message types.

b) Click Photo or File.

c) Choose the image for your cover photo.

d) Click Subject or Title and enter a name for your photo.

e) Finally, Hit Send.

3. Check your Facebook page (optional)
a) Your Facebook Cover Photo should now be updated!

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Interview with Johnny Costello at Social Media World Forum


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Why Your Business Should Be On Pinterest

It should go without saying that your business is on social media, but which platforms are the most effective? That really depends on your business and your target market, but there are a few things that will apply to any of you crazy entrepreneurs and your online shenanigans. One thing that should apply to everyone right now for the foreseeable future is getting engaged on Pinterest. Why?

It’s Hot
Riding trends is not the most desirable way to run a business for everyone, but taking advantage of existing markets of potential customers is always smart. In other words, when you’ve got a handful of doodads to sell, what’s more effective, taking out an ad somewhere for “doodads for sale” or walking down to the flea market and unloading them in an hour or two?

Pinterest is seeing meteoric growth in the last 6 months, and they haven’t come close to plateauing yet, so you should definitely be browsing the site and mingling as a business. There are too many people there right now. If you are ignoring where people are gathering, you are missing out.

It’s Measurable
Just like any other social media endeavors, a good set of social media software tools can track and assess your engagement and effectiveness on the site. Lots of people + knowing how you are viewed and received there = good analytics for developing a strategy. Any time you can be involved with a large group of consumers and measure that involvement, you can find profit potential somehow.

It’s the Right Crowd
The majority of Pinners on Pinterest are late twenties to mid forties women. Guess who the largest group of consumers is? You got it. Not only is it a huge group of people, it’s a huge group of people who buy things. You are not only engaging people here, you are engaging the people who statistically are the most likely to become a customer. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

It’s Different
The thing that sets Pinterest apart other than its demographic is the style of the platform. While every other social site is primarily text with visual and audio mixed in, Pinterest turns the tables by making the visual aspect the primary focus and the text secondary. This makes it different enough to withstand competition from other social sites. Pinners are likely to also be Facebookers, Tweeters, or Plussers, because the sites are different enough to avoid too much overlap in substance. Any new upstart could always turn out to be a flash in the pan, but Pinterest likely has good staying power.


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6 Features Franchise Businesses Should Look For When Evaluating Social Media Management Tools

So you took the plunge and opened your own business through a franchise. That’s a smart way to go these days with so many businesses failing, considering that the franchise model usually has a pretty good foundation behind it. Some franchises will even offer advertising support to help you get going. They don’t, however, usually take care of the most important aspect of getting your name out and bringing in customers: your social media presence.

Social media and blogs drive far more traffic than print or traditional media advertising today, so it’s vital that you make a solid effort to use these platforms to your advantage, and do it well. In order to do this effectively as a business you need good social media management software with plenty of features. What kind of features are important in your franchise business, you ask? There are 6 that you definitely need to make sure that you have.

Running a business requires lots of time, and you don’t have the budget in a franchise to hire a dedicated social media director, so you need your social media dashboard to be able to automatically respond to inquiries and mentions. If you wait until you have the time to sit down and respond to every little thing, your potential customers will have moved on to more responsive pastures.

Wide range of platforms
Facebook pages are great. So is Twitter. If this is all you are getting though, then you are missing out on a huge chunk of the social space out there. Blogs, Foursquare, email, sms, friendfeed, the list goes on and on. A good piece of brand monitoring software will cover all of your bases, not just two or three.

Tracking and Analyzing
You’ve got to know what the data means, not just how many people visited your page last month. The tracking part is important, but it should track things like click-throughs, not just eyeballs. If it’s not helping the bottom line, it’s not doing you any good.

Location Based services
 If you are a brick and mortar franchise, location based services are a must. Allowing people to check in with Foursquare and being able to track that traffic is a huge plus when you have a physical location that people can visit.

Tracking specific content
Which of your tweets, posts, and blogs are making an impact? After all, you don’t want to keep sending out things that aren’t being received well. Make sure that your software can track individual posts so you know what to repeat and build on, and what to leave alone. 

You want to know what people think, not just that they are visiting your site or talking about you.  Sentiment analysis software will tell if your mentions are positive or negative and lets you know what to respond to and what to leave alone.

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Website Magazine lists Sendible as one of the top 50 software solutions to explore in 2012

We’re extremely honored to be on Website Magazine’s list of the 50 top software solutions to explore in 2012 alongside so many great software companies!

According to Website Magazine, the rankings are based on the following methodology:

Website Magazine’s Top 50 rankings are a measure of a website’s popularity. Ranks are calculated using a proprietary method that focuses on average daily unique visitors and page views over a specified period of time, as reported by multiple data sources. The website with the highest combination of factors is ranked in the first position.

Below is the complete list of companies:


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