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Download the new Sendible Android App for free

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new Sendible Android app, free to all Sendible users.

The app can be downloaded here.



Update all your social networks at once

 Publish content to any of the social networks you use and update your blogs – all from one app.


Access your Sendible address book on the go

 Access any of the contacts you’ve imported into your Sendible account and reach them via Email, SMS and more.


Save for later

 Ability to save unfinished posts to be completed when you get back to your desktop.


Share photos

 Post photos to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, WordPress and more.


Message scheduling

 Schedule posts to go out at a time you choose or on recurring schedules.


Campaign reports and analytics

 Access your Sendible message reports and view statistics such as clicks, referrers, shares, comments and more.



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Really cheap SMS messages to anywhere in the world

We have updated our SMS pricing and you can now send SMS messages to anywhere in the world for as little as 7 cents!

Take a look at our latest SMS pricing and features here:

You can use your SMS credits to do the following:

  • Send SMS messages to anywhere in the world
  • Schedule SMS messages to be delivered in the future
  • Individual as well as group messaging
  • Create events and send invites using SMS
  • Send yourself reminders by SMS
  • Recipients can reply to your SMS messages for free! Receive replies by email and in your Sendible news feed

We’ll soon be launching SMS picture messaging – so get your credits now!

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Get SMS Replies Sent to you by Email


We are excited to announce a new feature that allows recipients of your SMS messages to reply to your messages free of charge – via the web browser on their phones. You will receive the reply by email and in your Sendible news feed.


How does this work?

  • A link is placed in the SMS message that takes the recipient to a mobile WAP page where they can reply with a message of any length.
  • You will then be notified by email and the message can be viewed in your Sendible news feed.
SMS Replies Appearing in Sendible

SMS Replies Appearing in Sendible

What’s this useful for?

  • Send a bunch of your contacts a question and get a response.
  • Education: Send a quiz question/poll to your students and tally up replies.
  • Business: Send an SMS to your clients/customers and receive feedback.
  • Promotions: Send a promotional SMS to your customers and process the replies any way you like.

Coming soon…

  • We plan to launch picture and file sending functionality in the next few weeks…
  • Mobile: You’ll be able to upload an image, and send it to a cellphone anywhere in the world, for the cost of a regular SMS credit.
  • Email: You’ll be able to upload and email photos – we’ll handle the compression so that it’s a suitable size for emailing.
For more information about Sendible visit

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