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How to schedule Facebook Page updates and Twitter posts with Sendible

If you haven’t already done so, add your Facebook and Twitter accounts from within Add/Edit Services. Once you’ve added your social media accounts, you can schedule your posts to your saved services.

There are two ways to schedule your messages with Sendible.

Option 1:

The easiest way to schedule a message is as follows:

1. Select Message Box > Compose.

2. Compose your message.

3. Select the “Scheduling” button and select to Send at a specific time.

4. Select the exact date and time to send the message.

5. Click Send and Sendible will send the message at the scheduled time.

Option 2:

You can use the calendar as follows:

1. Select Message Box > Calendar.

2. Find the date and time you’d like to post and click that time slot.

3. Compose your message and click Send. Sendible will send the message at the scheduled time.

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Update your status on multiple social networks at once

We have been quiet on the blogs lately as we’ve been extremely busy making Sendible better!

One of the new features we’ve been working on is the ability to update multiple social networks simultaneously. Now, you can update your status on (multiple) Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts at the same time. Update your status using recurring schedules ahead of time!

Check it out, by visiting and clicking on Status Updates.

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