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How to schedule changes to your Facebook cover photo using Sendible

A recently added feature on Sendible’s social media management dashboard is the ability to update the cover photo of your Facebook page from within the management console.

In this post, we’ll take you step by step through the process of setting up and then updating the page’s cover photo. To begin with our Facebook page doesn’t have a cover photo, although if it did we would just be updating it.

Step 1: Add your Facebook Cover Photo service
a) Open the Add/Edit Services tab, and from within the Add Service pane, open the Photos tab.

b) Next, choose Facebook Cover Photo by clicking Add. If you’re not already logged into Facebook, you’ll be given the opportunity to.

c) Now, choose the Facebook Page you want to use from the list of those you administer and click Save Settings.

d) Click OK when the pop up shows.

e) You should now see the new service in My Services.

Step 2: Update your Cover Photo

a) With the service now configured, simply go to Message Box to compose a new message. Choose the Facebook Cover Photo from the list of message types.

b) Click Photo or File.

c) Choose the image for your cover photo.

d) Click Subject or Title and enter a name for your photo.

e) Finally, Hit Send.

3. Check your Facebook page (optional)
a) Your Facebook Cover Photo should now be updated!

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How to schedule Facebook Page updates and Twitter posts with Sendible

If you haven’t already done so, add your Facebook and Twitter accounts from within Add/Edit Services. Once you’ve added your social media accounts, you can schedule your posts to your saved services.

There are two ways to schedule your messages with Sendible.

Option 1:

The easiest way to schedule a message is as follows:

1. Select Message Box > Compose.

2. Compose your message.

3. Select the “Scheduling” button and select to Send at a specific time.

4. Select the exact date and time to send the message.

5. Click Send and Sendible will send the message at the scheduled time.

Option 2:

You can use the calendar as follows:

1. Select Message Box > Calendar.

2. Find the date and time you’d like to post and click that time slot.

3. Compose your message and click Send. Sendible will send the message at the scheduled time.

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Schedule your Easter greetings before you forget

Easter is on the way, so why not schedule your Easter greetings now, before you forget? 
You can do this in 4 easy steps:
  1. Log in to
  2. Import all your contacts from any of the services you use – including Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace and more
  3. Write your greeting.
  4. Select the contacts you’d like to send to, choose a send date – and click the Create button.
Sendible will take care of the rest, making sure that your message is delivered on time, no matter if your contact is on Email, SMS or any of the Social Networks you use. 

We’re excited to announce several new monthly messaging packages – now even more affordable than before. 
Upgrade your Sendible account to Pro for just $3 per month and get 25 free SMS messages every month.

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How to schedule an email using

Sendible is a free messaging tool that enables you to schedule emails and sms messages to be sent in the future. Sendible allows you to import your Facebook friends’ birthdays, schedule an email or sms ahead of time and send it at a predetermined time on your friend’s birthday. Sendible can also be used for appointment reminders which can be set up months before the appointment takes place.

How to schedule an email:

Log in to You will then be taken to your Newsfeed where you will see your messages that have previously been sent or are going to be sent in the future.

Click on Create New and then you are provided with choices either Email, Multi Message or Sms Text Message. In this case, click on Email.

Schedule an Email

Schedule an Email

Enter the address in the To box, these can be retrieved from your contacts by clicking on To. Choose the Send Date and time using the drop-down boxes or the calendar. You can now choose to make your email recurring or once-off. Add the subject, type your email and click Create. If you would like a notificiation of its delivery then click Notify me when the message has been sent. Very useful when scheduling!

You also have the option to Attach a File (up to 5MB) and insert an image.

Sendible also allows you to import all your Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail contacts.

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New Feature: Mobile Picture Messaging

We are excited to announce a new feature – mobile picture messaging!

With Sendible, you can upload a picture – Jpeg/Gif (or animated gif) and send it at any time in the future. Recipients will receive your picture via WAP push technology. 

This is great for sending vacation pics to your friends – or even for sending yourself important documents for when you’re on the go! It’s also useful for sending animated SMS birthday greetings…

If you’re not already registered – join Sendible here


Sendible Picture Messaging

Sendible Picture Messaging

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Schedule messages from your own application

We have just launched the Sendible API which allows developers to write software applications that can make use of Sendible’s message scheduling technology to send SMS and Email messages to be delivered in the future.

For detailed documentation and to get your API key, visit

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