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10 Benefits of using a Social Media Dashboard

It’s amazing how many organizations and businesses still don’t use a Social Media Dashboard. When I say that it’s amazing, I really mean that. Any organization that does not already understand that social media is the key to their future success has essentially hung out the “closed for business” sign and is waiting for someone to tell them. With the myriad of networks out there that need to be worked and monitored, there are only two viable options: have a large staff devoted to social media or get software to take care of your social media tracking. Here are 10 reasons why the latter is the better choice.

1. Track your Competition
You not only need to know what’s going on with your own business, you need to know where you stand with your competition in the space. You can just as easily track them as you do yourself with the right searches set up.

2. Time Management
This is key. Productivity is all important to be efficient, and having a staff to take care of your social exploits is just too expensive for most. As one business owner pointed out recently, he used to spend 10 minutes per client per day just responding to and checking on their engagement in the social space. That’s all day long. With the help of a social media dashboard, he now spends 20 minutes per month instead.

3. Brand Management
Using the dashboard allows you to set up keyword searches that will track what people are saying about you and you product or service. Being able to find these quickly and engage the commenters can prevent trying to put out forest fires of bad sentiment later, or encourage good sentiment now.

4. Schedule and Auto-Respond
This is also time management. If you want to post several times a day to different networks, they need to be spread out. The scheduler feature of a dashboard lets you spend some time once a week or a month setting up what you want to send and when, and then let it do its thing. The auto-responder also let’s you be engaged with your audience without having to stare at the screen all day. Setting up simple Thank You messages for comments or similar things can make sure that they don’t feel like they are wasting their time posting, then later you can get back to them in a more detailed fashion if warranted.

5. Find New Customers
When you can track what people are talking about, you can narrow in on those who seem to have an interest in what you have to offer, so that you can engage them and win them over.

6. See How Effective Each Post Is
Each message or post that you throw up on the screen can be tracked to see if anyone is responding to it. Knowing this is important, because it allows you to find out what is effective and what is a flop.

7. Collaboration
Most dashboards give you collaborative power so that coworkers across the building or across the world can work together on your social media campaign, increasing both productivity and effectiveness.

8. Track More Than Just Social Sites
With a good social media dashboard, you can also track what’s being said about you on blogs and RSS feeds, as well as other various sources. Not everything is said on Facebook and twitter, and this can often give you even more insight since when someone bothers to comment on a blog post, they usually have something to say that you should be listening to.

9. Find Out if Your Traffic is Coming From Social Sources
The visits to your website – where are they coming from? Knowing whether they came from a Google search or a social click-through lets you know where you need to focus your energy.

10. It Makes You Look Smart and Get the Girls
Let’s face it, chicks dig social media dashboards. Oh, they may tell you that you’re a geek to your face, but secretly they know that you are a genius for having the business savvy to use one, and they will eventually give in and fall at your feet. This might be a stretch, but you definitely should know that you are smart and business-savvy if you are using a dashboard, and, well, the opposite if you are not. 

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How Startups Can Leverage Social Media to Grow Their Businesses

You have the greatest idea for a new company since Google came out with search. We know you do. You’ve even been able to get some angel investors to fork over the cash you need for research and development and buying snazzy new computers and such so you feel like a real company. You’ve come up with a logo, had a nice nameplate hung on the door to the basement in your house, and even printed up some business cards. Now you are sitting and waiting for the customers to start flooding in to buy your…whatever it is you are selling…but the phones aren’t ringing, the website has 4 hits (you and 3 friends), and the email is a huge white space where the full inbox should be. What to do?

Well, first check your Twitter and Facebook pages, and…what? You’re kidding right? Ok, we need to talk.

Social media is not, I repeat not an extra in today’s business world. It is priority number one when it comes to marketing, or at least it should be. It’s a brave new social world out there my friend, and the future of advertising is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Actually, the NOW of advertising is there. Before you can get your pages set up the trend will have moved even more in that direction, even if it only takes you an hour to do so.

Social media is effective, period. If, that is, you take it seriously and play right. The reason it’s so effective is that it is where people spend most of their time now, internet-ently speaking. It allows you to get in front of peoples’ faces in a much more effective way than TV or any such ancient idea. People mute commercials and fast-forward their DVR’d shows through them. Social Media is real time advertising, and much more.

It allows you interaction with your customers. You can share interesting things with them that may lead to a discussion of how your product or service can enhance their lives. You just can’t get that kind of interaction in the check-out line at the store, and the chat boxes that pop up on the screen of the websites are summarily dismissed for the most part. On Facebook or Twitter, though, there is a very real possibility of quality interaction. The viral nature of the internet also allows for a wildfire-like spread of your name when you hit the sweet spot. Get some brand promoters tweeting about you to their several thousand followers, and bingo – overnight you can pick up enough business to pay the phone bill next month.

Now you can read elsewhere exactly how to set your pages and presence up on these sites – heck, there are tons of books on the subject – but we are here to tell you that you have to be able to manage these sites effectively. The best way to do that, hands down, is with a quality social media dashboard. This little piece of genius will track your engagement, your effectiveness, and your click-throughs, just to name a few. It will even let you schedule tweets to your huge following in the far east while you are sound asleep dreaming of the new car you will be able to buy soon.

Make no mistake, my entrepreneurial friends, good social media management software should be the first investment you make after you have your new computer to connect you to the vast inter-webs. Even before the name plaque for the basement door.

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