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Sendible vs Hootsuite

One of the most common questions we get here at Sendible is “How does Sendible compare to HootSuite?” HootSuite is a great tool, but it does have limited capabilities for someone who really wants to dive deep into social media as well as online marketing or manage several clients. HootSuite is used primarily as a Twitter tool (although it does more than just Twitter), whereas Sendible is an all-around online marketing tool.

Sendible offers services that HootSuite does not including the ability to offer white label social media management and resell Sendible to your clients under your own brand. We also offer rebranding of your Facebook and Twitter posts so that they won’t say “via Sendible”. I have put together a list of the features and services that Sendible supports as well as those that HootSuite supports below.

Sendible HootSuite
Social Streams
Facebook Fan Page Stream x x
Facebook Group Stream x
Facebook Stream x x
LinkedIn Stream x x
Twitter List x
Twitter Search x x
Twitter Stream x x
Status Updates and Microblogging
Bebo x
Brightkite Status x
Facebook Fan Page x x
Facebook Group x
Facebook Note x
Facebook Page Note x
Facebook Post x
Facebook Status x x
FriendFeed x
Google Buzz x
LinkedIn Status x x
Myspace Status x x x
Plurk x
Twitter x x
Email Auto Responder x
Facebook Auto Responder x
LinkedIn Auto Responder x
Twitter Auto Follower x
Twitter Auto Replies x
Twitter Welcome Messages x
Blogspot x
MetaWeblog x
MovableType x
Ning x
Posterous x
Sendiblog x
SquareSpace x
Tumblr x
TypePad x
WordPress (self-hosted) x x x
Photo and File Sharing
Facebook Page Album x
Facebook Photo Album x
Flickr x
MobyPicture x
Scribd x
SlideShare x
Link Sharing and Bookmarking
Delicious x
Diigo x x
Instapaper x
Read It Later x
Location-based Services
Foursquare x x
Brand Monitoring
Brand and Keyword Monitoring x
Reviews x
Social Media Messaging
Facebook Wall Post x x
LinkedIn x x
CSV Importers
Contact Importer x
Message Importer x
SMS Messaging
Sms Auto Responder x
OPML Importer x
RSS Auto Poster x
Gmail x
Hotmail x x
Yahoo Mail x
Social Media Monitoring
Backtype x
Bizcommunity x x
Brightkite x
Citysearch x
Complaints Board x
Delicious x
Digg x
Facebook x x
Flickr x
FriendFeed x
Google Blogs x
Google News x
Hello Peter x x
lol x
LinkedIn x x
News24 x
Photobucket x
Picasa x
Plurk x
Pressbox x
Quora x
Reddit x
Tripadvisor x
Truveo x
Tweet Photo x
Twitter x x
WordPress x
Wordpronline x
Yahoo Answers x
Yahoo News x
Yelp x
YouTube x
Pricing Starts at $9.99 Starts at $5.99

In summation, HootSuite is a very useful social media tool, but if you are looking to do more than just basic social media and want to delve into online marketing, Sendible will be your best bet. For an unbiased second opinion, check out Max Goldberg’s blog post entitled “Hootsuite vs. Sendible, or Why Paying To Use Facebook Is Amazing” as well as this comparison post from Inkstained Knuckle.

If you’d like to submit your own review comparing Sendible with other products, please send an email to and we’ll be sure to link to your site from this post.


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5 Social Media Management Tips for Real Estate Businesses

If there’s any business out there that could use a hand up these days it’s got to be real estate. Ever since the housing bubble burst back in 2008, taking the economy with it into the thin air of nowhere land, selling houses has been harder than selling chewing gum to my great uncle with no teeth. There are still buyers out there, though, and the smart and savvy agents are looking for new ways to market themselves and find clients. Fortunately, the real estate agents’ best friend has come along in the form of social media tracking tools.

Using a good social media dashboard program or having a web based crm package will allow the modern real estate agent 24/7 access to their client base and potential clients without them having to stay awake on coffee 24/7. The software does the work, digging up every mention of their name, their agency, or even keywords like “selling my home” that will let them track down their prey. Let’s look at 5 tips that will help you get back on the path to a solid business.

1. Keyword Searches
As I already mentioned, using a social media management program will let you do targeted searches through the vast wastelands of Facebook, Twitter, and more to home in on exactly the people you need to find. Those who are buying, selling, and moving. Once you find them, you simply engage them, just like you would if you overheard someone talking at a party. Except on the internet.

2. YouTubeA picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth even more. Setting up a YouTube channel with walk through videos of properties is essential. This lets you show the house every day by just sharing the link. Then you can monitor those who watch it and contact them for follow up. It’s almost like not working, but better.

3. Facebook Property Search
With the new Facebook pages and the tools you can use with them, it is easy and awesome to have a property search feature right on your Facebook page. Millions and millions of people spend lots of time on FB every day, a lot more than your company site gets. Why not let them search from where they already are?  Why not indeed.

4. LinkedIn
Guess who is on LinkedIn? Property managers, Landlords, Land developers, all kinds of people who might, just might, know someone who knows someone who is looking to buy a house. Hey, wait. Don’t you sell houses? That’s right, you do! You should find these good folks and maybe give them a quick shout.

5.  Build Relationships Nationwide
There are realtors all over the country, right? Are you friends with them? On social media sites I mean, of course. If not consider this: If you sell a home for someone in area A that then moves to area B thousands of miles away, who is selling them their new home? Could you be involved somehow? What about the reverse scenario? It sure would be nice to get a heads up about clients well in advance. Set up searches for other realtors and form reciprocal relationships. Everybody plays, everybody wins.

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Dog Watch Case Study

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6 Ways To Get Noticed on Facebook using Sendible for social media management

These days, it’s harder than ever to get your updates noticed on Facebook. Due to the sheer volume of posts hitting the news feed, there’s a good chance that your updates will be missed or simply overlooked due to all the other noise. For this reason, it’s now more important than ever to make sure your updates are noticed and acted upon. In this post, I’ll demonstrate how with 6 simple tricks, you can increase your exposure on Facebook and generate more click-throughs to your website.

1. Attribution Links

Several social media management tools, such as, allow you to include attribution links along with your posts. These are little customizable links that appear below your updates and can contain any text you like.  They can also link to any website you like. In the example below, we’ve included the link “Visit our blog” below the post.

2. Branded Facebook Posts

It is also possible to include your company name below every update you send to Facebook. So, instead of seeing “via mobile” or “via Sendible”, your posts could display “via My Company” with a little square icon alongside. This is a great way to build up your brand awareness and have Facebook users click on your company name and go directly to your website. The option for branded Facebook posts is currently a feature offered by Sendible

3. Scheduling

To ensure the best possible chance of having your Facebook posts noticed, you should schedule your posts to be published at the time your fans are most likely to be looking at their Facebook news feed. There are various tools out there that make it easy to schedule your Facebook updates

4. Link Previews

Another easy way to engage your Facebook fans is by creating interesting link previews. Link previews are made up of a thumbnail, title, caption and description. These details appear whenever you post a link to Facebook. Certain 3rd party social media management products, such as, make it easy to customize these details so that you can make your link previews more descriptive, resulting in better click-through rates.

5. Facebook Photo Albums

Another great way to gain more views and click-throughs, is by posting several photos to a new or existing Facebook Photo Album on your Facebook Page. Facebook Photo Albums are known to generate more click-throughs on a news feed and therefore, higher levels of engagement. You can use a social media dashboard to help you to schedule these Facebook Album posts ahead of time for maximum engagement. Here is an article from our blog that explains how to do this using Sendible.

6. Geotargeting

In Facebook, users disclose a lot of relevant information about themselves – for example their age, gender, location, work history, language etc. As a Facebook Page administrator, you have the ability to deliver content that’s only relevant to specific fans. Since you are targeting specific fans by location or language, you can customize your content to generate the most engagement for the subset of fans that are being targeted. Click here to see how easy it is to target specific fans using a third party social media management tool.

I recently read the following post implying that the levels of engagement on Facebook are reduced when using third party social media management tools. From our analysis, this is completely untrue and we have seen the exact opposite effect with users on our platform. By using third party applications, such as Sendible, for scheduling, geotargeting and branding their Facebook updates, brands are in fact seeing higher click-through rates, building better brand awareness and dramatically increasing their engagement ratio. To sign up for a free Sendible trial, visit

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Sendible in plain English

Not sure what Sendible is? This video will help explain.


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